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You can access current pictures from our webcam here. These pictures are updated every 5 minutes.
20.09.2020 06:12:51
YCP Webcam
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You’ll also find current weather conditions at the YCP from our own weather station, which are also updated every 5 minutes.

Current weather conditions, 20.09.20, 6:13

Temperatur 9.7°C
1.7 kt

Barometric pressure: 1019.0 hPa
Further weather values
Humidity 84% Feuchte Verlauf
Dewpoint 7.1°C  
ESE / 114°
2.6 kt
Windrichtung Verlauf Windstärke Verlauf
Trend (3-Hours.)
1019.0 hPa
Barometer Verlauf
Rain today 0.0 mm Regen Verlauf
Rain-rate mm/h 0.0 mm/hr Regen Rate Verlauf
Rain season
Precipitation interruption smaller 24 h
0.0 mm  
Monthly Rain 12.2 mm  
Yearly rain 167.8 mm  
Wind Chill 9.4°C Wind Chill Verlauf
Heatindex 9.7°C Hitzeindex Verlauf
Sunrise 6:37  
Sunset 18:54  
Forecast Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours  
Moon phase Zunehmender Mond Waxing Crescent  
Today high/low
High temperature 13.9°C at  0:00
Low temperature 9.7°C at  6:12
High humidity 84%  at  5:07
Low humidity 71%  at  0:00
High windspeed 6.1 kt at  0:46
High dewpoint 8.9°C at  0:00
Low dewpoint 7.2°C at  5:06
High air pressure 1020.3 hPa at  0:00
Low air pressure 1019.0 hPa at  6:13
High rain rate 0.0 mm/hr at ----
Low Wind Chill 8.9°C at  6:12
High Heatindex 13.3°C at  0:00
Weather conditions from Yachtclub Podersdorf
Latitude/Longitude: 47° 50' 46" N/ 16° 49' 04" E

Water level (m ASL): 115,19 cm, 20.09.2020, 05:00:00
Source: Wasserportal Burgenland

Monthly High/Low
High Temperature 28.8 °C Temperaturverlauf
Low Temperature 8.8 °C  
High Humidity 94% Feuchteverlauf
Low Humidity 39%  
High Wind Speed 38.3 kt Max. Windgeschwindigkeit Verlauf
High Dewpoint 21.1°C Taupunktverlauf
Low Dewpoint 6.7 °C  
High air pressure 1029.7 hPa Luftdruckverlauf
Low air pressure 1008.3 hPa  
Total Rain 12.2 mm Regenverlauf
High Rain Rate 32.6 mm/hr Regenrate Verlauf
Low Wind Chill 8.3 °C Wind Chill Verlauf
High Heat Index 30.6 °C Hitzeindex Verlauf

Yearly High/Low
High Temperature 33.9 °C Temperaturverlauf
Low Temperature -5.0 °C  
High Humidity 97% Feuchteverlauf
Low Humidity 14%  
High Wind Speed 53.9 kt Max. Windgeschwindigkeit Verlauf
High Dewpoint 23.9°C Taupunktverlauf
Low Dewpoint -9.4 °C  
High air pressure 1048.0 hPa Luftdruckverlauf
Low air pressure 995.3 hPa  
Total Rain 167.8 mm Regenverlauf
High Rain Rate 1645.8 mm/hr Regenrate Verlauf
Low Wind Chill -8.9 °C Wind Chill Verlauf
High Heat Index 36.7 °C Hitzeindex Verlauf
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