YCPWelcome to the Podersdorf Yacht Club

  1. We welcome all members of the Burgenland Sailing Association and guests of YCP members.
  2. Guest mooring is assigned by the Dock Master. In case he is absent, please enquire in the canteen.
  3. If the canteen is closed, a harbour map indicating guest mooring assignment is posted in the window of the regatta office building (Harbour map).
  4. Use of guest mooring is at owners risk and assignment of a space is not guaranteed.
  5. Overnight mooring at the harbour entrance only with ancorlight possible.
  6. The fee for guestmooring is 30 EUR per night and should be paid to the Dock Master or in his absence in the canteen. For members of the Burgenland Sailing Association the first night is free.
  7. Maximum stay is 7 days. Longer stays must be arranged in advance with the Dock Master.
  8. Shower facilities are available for guests and a key can be obtained from the canteen for a security deposit of 100 EUR, which will be returned when the key is handed in at the end of the stay.
  9. The electric box can be used for a fee of 5 EUR, if available. Points 5 and 6 apply mutatis mutandis.
  10. The use of the crane costs 50 EUR and permission from the Dock Master is required.
  11. Participants in regattas may use the mooring assigned to them a week before and after the regatta but this must be arranged in advance with the Dock Master.
  12. Facility for waste disposal from toilets is located at the north entrance to the club house (blue door)
  13. Trash disposal bins are located at the entrance to the club (sliding door). Please observe the recycling rules!

We wish you a pleasant stay at the YCP

The YCP Committee

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