YCP im Winter mit Blick auf die KrahnanlageIn 1962, seven enthusiastic sailors from the “Old Donau” got together in order to expand their sailing area to the “Neusiedler See”. Podersdorf, with its perfect conditions, seemed to be the ideal location and already in 1965 a club ground has been leased from the municipality Podersdorf. After a large increase of memberships, the club had to relocate to a bigger site in 1974, where they diligently planned to establish a port, accomodation facilities for the sailors and a club house. To the delight of the clubmembers, the construction of the club house was completed in 1979, a project that had been accomplished without any external financing or subsidies only by the own initiative of the members. The club house not only satisfies all sailing needs, but also fulfills all nature conservation and environmental protection requirements.
The site is unique in Austria and is located on a land area of 7245 m2 and a watersurface of 5000 m2. 120 cruisers and 30 jolly boats can dock at the port. There are 34 accomodation facilities at the club members' disposal. The pyrmid-shaped club house, where all technical services and the restaurant are located, constitutes the centre of the club area and fulfills all needs of its club members and its guests.
YCP clubhouseThe graduate engineer Erbstaller planned the area and integrated it perfectly into the nature, so that from a distance you can't even recognise it anymore.
The YCP is a member of the Austrian Sailing Federation, the Burgenland sailing association and the Turn- und Sportunion, Burgenland.

The sailing area
The Neusiedlersee is situated at the edge of the Little Hungarian Plain. Thanks to the mild pannonian climate and the average water depth of 1.5 m, the steppe lake heats up rapidly. Due to its favourable wind conditions, predominant NW and S, the lake is highly esteemed by sailors and surfers. From the first days of spring until late autumn the lake offers the possibility to sail.
View from the YCP-terrace on the sunsetThe surroundings of Podersdorf is characterised by an extraordinarily attractive landscape of Seewinkel with its diversity of wildlife and vegetation.
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