Brief Description of Sailing Area
Lake Neusiedl is the largest veld lake in Europe located about 50km southeast of Vienna in the Austrian Federal State Burgenland close to the Hungarian border. The lake is 40km long and up to 14km wide. Although Lake Neusiedl is not very deep (about 1,5m) it attracts a lot of sailors and surfers every year. No other lake in Austria has so often wind and so much sunshine.

Area briefing by the Regional Sailing Federation of Burgenland

Wind conditions and directions
Wind from North: modest to lively wind especially after passage of a weather front until final weather improvement. While the main wind direction is exactly 0 (zero) degrees, gusts of wind slowly pass over the lake with deviations of 5 to 15 degrees in both directions. The gusts are easy to spot.
Wind from Northwest / West: lively to stormy wind during the passage of a weather front. The main wind direction is about 320 degrees. Heavy gusts pass quickly over the lake with a deviation of up to 15 degrees mainly towards West.
Wind from South: medium to strong wind during fair weather. Usually starts up to three days before the passage of a weather front. At the beginning moderate, immediately before arrival of the weather front sometimes stormy. Main wind direction from morning to noon is about 170 degrees, turning with the sun during the day up to 190 degrees. Gusts of wind pass slowly over the lake, creating wind edges. Extremely difficult to sail because of the wind edges. Wind direction deviates up to 5 degrees.

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